Seizures and Cannabis

If you are reading this page, more than likely you or someone you know is looking for a more effective and natural way to manage a seizure disorder. The medicinal use of cannabis for its anticonvulsant properties dates back to early civilizations including ancient China, India, Africa, Greece and Rome (Chaboya-Hembree, 2014). As early as 1100 AD, Arabic writer al-Mayusi documented the use of cannabis in controlling seizures (Lozano, 2001). In our current culture, there…

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Cannabis Testing

Due to the many diverse properties, including but not limited to terpenes and cannabinoids, in different strains of marijuana, potency testing for cannabinoids provides only a very basic guide for selecting your dosage of cannabis. We at Urban Farmacy would like to propagate the knowledge that selecting marijuana strains based solely on potency testing numbers can be inaccurate. Cannabis potency testing is known to have a potential for error of between 10%–30%.  That number does…

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