We Love Cannabis.

Urban Farmacy is a top-rated Portland Dispensary.

At Urban Farmacy, we love cannabis! As cannabis lovers, we feel passionate about providing a variety of fresh, quality cannabis and cannabis products that cater to people from all walks of life. We welcome all people ages 21 and over to our safe, rustic contemporary farm house nestled in the North Tabor neighborhood. Additionally, we serve all Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients ages 18 and over.

Urban Farmacy stocks the shelves with local, top quality and organic cannabis and cannabis products including: Edibles, CO2 extracted cannabis oil cartridges for vape pens, BHO (Butane extracted Hash Oil), RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), live resin, rosin, THC and CBD tinctures and capsules, topicals, a wide variety of CBD products and paraphernalia. We always have our eye on the market to find new and interesting products. Additionally, we provide a mainstay of strains and products that people know they can always find at Urban Farmacy. Some of our most popular cannabis strains include: Dogwalker OG, Durban Poison, Critical Mass, Bruce Banner and many more!