Our Mission: 

Urban Farmacy Patient Resource Center (UFPRC) is both a state licensed Portland dispensary and a medical marijuana resource center for growers, caregivers and patients. We are a group of experienced medical marijuana specialists and health professionals committed to educating patients and providing alternative ways of managing chronic conditions. Our medical marijuana farmacy provides the finest quality, lab tested medications for Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) patients and caregivers. Additionally, we advocate for legalization and regulation of cannabis in order to encourage integrity, safety and compassion within the industry.

Welcome to the Farm!
A friendly, safe, inner-city Portland dispensary.

Our facility is a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment where patients and caregivers can procure the highest quality marijuana, concentrates and edibles. We strive to be self-sustainable: all our medicine comes from a local network of experienced gardeners using top quality methods and products. We can provide you with the nutrients used to grow your medicine as well as the harvest date of most of our flowers.
We aim to have all your medicine lab tested for potency and to ensure that it is free of pesticides, mold and mildew.

Patient Resource Center:
Urban Farmacy Patient Resource Center also offers the following services to OMMP cardholders:

  • Consultations services with clinical herbalist
  • Consultations services with professional growers
  • Soliton Laser Light therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Medical marijuana resource information
  • Links to natural health options and practitioners

Call or stop by to find out more!
T) (503) 957-7832